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Highways in Canada

There are many classes of roads in Canada. The only inter-provincial systems are the Trans-Canada Highway and the National Highway System. Numbered highways in Canada are split by province, and a majority are maintained by their province or territory transportation department. All highways in Canada are numbered except for three in the Northwest Territories, and all in Nunavut; one highway in Alberta, one highway in Ontario, two highways in Quebec, and Ontario's 7000 Series, are not marked with their highway number, but have been assigned one by the transportation department. A number of highways in all provinces are better known by locals by their name rather than their number. Some highways have additional letters added to their number, A is typically an alternate route, B is typically a business route, and other letters are used for bypass (truck) routes, connector routes, scenic routes, and spur routes.

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Manitoba Provincial Road 280 map.png
Provincial Road 280 (PR 280) is a road in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It runs from Provincial Road 391 northwest of Thompson to local streets in Gillam. The route is 291 kilometres (181 mi) long, which during its length, passes several large lakes and intersects with one provincial road, Road 290, just north of Gillam. The route is very scenic, passing through dense forests and rural lands. The route supplies three municipalities, Thompson, Split Lake, and Gillam. Before Road 280 was constructed, the only access to the village of Gillam were via a railroad that ran across the Hudson Bay Railway. This railway serves much of the towns accessible from Road 280 and nearby Road 391. The railway also continues along Road 290 towards Sundance.

Before Route 280 existed, the only ways to the northern terminus town of Gillam was via a nearby airport to the southeast of town and the HBR railroad line that stretched from Thompson to northern parts of Manitoba. Road 280 is the only car access road to Gillam. From its terminus north of Thompson, Manitoba to the town Gillam, PR 280 is classified as a Class A1 Provincial Route. Churchill, on Hudson Bay, can be accessed by VIA RAIL (passenger train "The Hudson Bay", VIA 692 south and VIA 693 north from Winnipeg three days per week) on the Hudson Bay Railway (freight) line. The PR 280 affords access to this more northerly transportation route at a couple of junctions.


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