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Metro Portales pictogram.svg Portales
STC rapid transit
Estacion Portales.JPG
Metro station Portales
LocationCalzada de Tlalpan
Benito Juárez
Mexico City
Coordinates19°22′11″N 99°08′30″W / 19.3698°N 99.1416°W / 19.3698; -99.1416Coordinates: 19°22′11″N 99°08′30″W / 19.3698°N 99.1416°W / 19.3698; -99.1416
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typeSurface
Platform levels1
Bicycle facilitiesNo
Disabled accessYes
Opened1 August 1970
Preceding station Mexico City Metro.svg STC Following station
Nativitas Line 2 Ermita
toward Tasqueña
Portales is located in Mexico City
Metro Portales pictogram.svg Portales
Location within Mexico City

Metro Portales is a station on Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro system.[2][3] It is located in the Colonia Albert and Colonia Portales neighborhoods of the Benito Juárez borough of Mexico City, directly south of the city centre in the median of Calzada de Tlalpan.[2] It is a surface station.

General information[edit]

The station logo depicts an architectural portal.[2][3] In the early 20th century there were many ranches in the surrounding zone, which were later divided up by Emiliano Zapata as part of his land redistribution plans. The area later became famous for the manufacture of bricks for the construction area.[2] The station opened on 1 August 1970.[4]

Metro Portales provides a transfer to trolleybus Line "D", which runs between Metro Mixcoac and the San Andrés Tetepilco neighbourhood.[5]


  • East: Calzada de Tlalpan between Av. Victor Hugo and Hamburgo street, Colonia Albert
  • West: Calzada de Tlalpan between Av. Victor Hugo and Calzada Santa Cruz, Colonia Portales

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