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Open de Portugal
Open de Portugal logo.jpg
Tournament information
LocationPortimão, Portugal
Course(s)Morgado G&CC
Tour(s)Challenge Tour (2017–)
European Tour (1973–2017)
FormatStroke play
Prize fund200,000
Month playedSeptember
Current champion
Poland Adrian Meronk
Morgado G&CC is located in Portugal
Morgado G&CC
Morgado G&CC
Location in Portugal

The Open de Portugal, previously the Portuguese Open, is an annual tournament on the men's golf's Challenge Tour. It was first played in 1953, and was part of the European Tour's schedule from 1973 to 2017. The 2019 event is the 57th edition of the tournament.

From 1991 to 2009, the tournament was played in either February, March or April, and was one of the first European Tour events of the season to be played in Europe, after the season spent the northern winter in Asia, Australasia and South Africa. In 2010, the tournament moved to a June date. The prize fund in 2010 was €1.0 million, which was one of the smaller purses on the European Tour. After 2010 the tournament was not played again until 2017, when it returned as a dual-ranking event of the European Tour and Challenge Tour, played in May at the Morgado Golf Resort north of the town of Portimão. In 2018 it lost its status as a European Tour event but remained as a Challenge Tour event. In 2019 the event was played in September.


Challenge Tour event
Year Winner Country Venue Score To par Margin
of victory
Open de Portugal at Morgado Golf Resort
2019 Adrian Meronk  Poland Morgado G&CC 273 −15 2 strokes Spain Sebastián García Rodríguez
2018 Dimitrios Papadatos  Australia Morgado G&CC 281 −7 2 strokes Portugal José-Filipe Lima
France Antoine Rozner
European Tour event
Year Winner Country Venue Score To par Margin
of victory
Open de Portugal at Morgado Golf Resort
2017 Matt Wallace  England Morgado G&CC 271 −21 3 strokes United States Julian Suri
Estoril Open de Portugal
2011–16: No tournament
2010 Thomas Bjørn  Denmark Penha Longa 265 −23 5 strokes Australia Richard Green
2009 Michael Hoey  Northern Ireland Oitavos Dunes 277 −7 Playoff Spain Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño
2008 Grégory Bourdy  France Oitavos Dunes 266 −18 Playoff Scotland Alastair Forsyth
England David Howell
2007 Pablo Martín (amateur)  Spain Oitavos Golfe 277 −7 1 stroke France Raphaël Jacquelin
Algarve Open de Portugal Caixa Geral de Depositos
2006 Paul Broadhurst (2)  England Le Meridien Penina 271 −17 1 stroke England Anthony Wall
Estoril Open de Portugal Caixa Geral de Depositos
2005 Paul Broadhurst  England Oitavos Golfe 271 −13 1 stroke Scotland Paul Lawrie
Algarve Open de Portugal Caixa Geral de Depositos
2004 Miguel Ángel Jiménez  Spain Le Meridien Penina 272 −16 2 strokes Australia Terry Price
Algarve Open de Portugal
2003 Fredrik Jacobson  Sweden Vale do Lobo 283 −5 1 stroke England Brian Davis
Wales Jamie Donaldson
Wales Bradley Dredge
2002 Carl Pettersson  Sweden Vale do Lobo 1422 −2 Playoff England David Gilford
2001 Phillip Price (2)  Wales Quinta do Lago 273 −15 2 strokes Republic of Ireland Pádraig Harrington
Germany Sven Strüver
Algarve Portuguese Open
2000 Gary Orr  Scotland Le Meridien Penina 275 −13 1 stroke Wales Phillip Price
1999 Van Phillips  England Le Meridien Penina 276 −12 Playoff England John Bickerton
Portuguese Open
1998 Peter Mitchell  England Le Meridien Penina 274 −18 1 stroke England David Gilford
Sweden Jarmo Sandelin
1997 Michael Jonzon  Sweden Aroeira 269 −19 3 strokes Spain Ignacio Garrido
1996 Wayne Riley  Australia Aroeira 271 −13 2 strokes England Mark Davis
England Martin Gates
1995 Adam Hunter  Scotland Penha Longa 277 −11 Playoff Northern Ireland Darren Clarke
1994 Phillip Price  Wales Penha Longa 278 −6 4 strokes England Paul Eales
England David Gilford
South Africa Retief Goosen
1993 David Gilford  England Vila-Sol 275 −13 Playoff Argentina Jorge Berendt
1992 Ronan Rafferty  Northern Ireland Vila-Sol 273 −15 1 stroke Sweden Anders Forsbrand
1991 Steven Richardson  England Estela 283 −5 3 strokes Argentina Vicente Fernández
Portuguese Open TPC
1990 Michael McLean  England Quinta do Lago 274 −14 1 stroke Scotland Gordon Brand, Jnr
Australia Mike Harwood
1989 Colin Montgomerie  Scotland Quinta do Lago 264 −24 11 strokes Australia Rodger Davis
Spain Manuel Moreno
United States Mike Smith
Portuguese Open
1988 Mike Harwood  Australia Quinta do Lago 280 −8 1 stroke Republic of Ireland Eamonn Darcy
1987 Robert Lee  England Estoril GC 1951 −12 1 stroke Scotland Sam Torrance
1986 Mark McNulty  Zimbabwe Quinta do Lago 270 −18 4 strokes England Ian Mosey
1985 Warren Humphreys  England Quinta do Lago 279 −9 1 stroke South Africa Hugh Baiocchi
1984 Tony Johnstone  Zimbabwe Quinta do Lago 274 −14 3 strokes England Michael King
1983 Sam Torrance (2)  Scotland Troia 286 −2 3 strokes England Chris Moody
1982 Sam Torrance  Scotland Penina 2071 −12 4 strokes England Nick Faldo
1980–81: No tournament
1979 Brian Barnes  Scotland Vilamoura 287 −5 2 strokes Spain Francisco Abreu
1978 Howard Clark  England Penina 291 −1 1 stroke Scotland Brian Barnes
South Africa Simon Hobday
1977 Manuel Ramos  Spain Penina 287 −5 2 strokes South Africa Hugh Baiocchi
1976 Salvador Balbuena  Spain Quinta do Lago 283 −6 4 strokes Scotland Sam Torrance
1975 Hal Underwood  United States Penina 292 Even 3 strokes Argentina Vicente Fernández
1974 Brian Huggett  Wales Estoril GC 272 −4 4 strokes South Africa John Fourie
1973 Jaime Benito  Spain Penina 294 +2 Playoff Scotland Bernard Gallacher

1Tournament shortened to 54 holes
2Tournament shortened to 36 holes

European curcuit event

Year Winner Country
1972 Germán Garrido1  Spain
1971 Lionel Platts  England
1970 Ramón Sota (3)  Spain
1969 Ramón Sota (2)  Spain
1968 Max Faulkner  England
1967 Ángel Gallardo  Spain
1966 Alfonso Angelini (2)  Italy
1965 No tournament
1964 Ángel Miguel (3)  Spain
1963 Ramón Sota  Spain
1962 Alfonso Angelini  Italy
1961 Ken Bousfield (2)  England
1960 Ken Bousfield  England
1959 Sebastián Miguel  Spain
1958 Peter Alliss  England
1957 No tournament
1956 Ángel Miguel (2)  Spain
1955 Flory Van Donck  Belgium
1954 Ángel Miguel  Spain
1953 Eric Brown  Scotland

1 Although this was the first season of the European Tour it was not a European Tour event yet


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