Rostock Power Station

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Rostock Power Station
Power Station Rostock
Coordinates54°08′29″N 12°07′55″E / 54.14139°N 12.13194°E / 54.14139; 12.13194Coordinates: 54°08′29″N 12°07′55″E / 54.14139°N 12.13194°E / 54.14139; 12.13194
Commission date1994
Owner(s)EnBW (50,4 %)
Rheinenergie (49,6 %)
Thermal power station
Primary fuelBituminous coal
Power generation
Nameplate capacity553 MW
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Rostock Power Station is a bituminous coal-fired combined heat and power plant operated by Kraftwerks- und Netzgesellschaft mbH (KNG), located in Rostock, Germany. Construction on the plant began in June 1991, and test firing and Grid connection were carried out from March to September, 1994. In October of that year it entered normal service.

In addition to a generating capacity of 553 MWe, the station also feeds the Rostock district heating net. A notable feature of the Rostock Power Station is that the 160 metre tall cooling tower also serves as chimney.

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