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The Fondation Prince Pierre was established by Prince Rainier III of Monaco in February 1966 to promote culture and the arts through the creation and the awarding of prizes. Prince Rainier III created the foundation in tribute to his father, Pierre de Polignac a great patron of the arts.[1][2][3]


  • The Prince Pierre of Monaco Literary Prize, of 15,000 euros, which gives recognition to a French writer or any well-known author who writes in French.[4]
  • The Prince Pierre of Monaco Music Composition Prize, of 15,000 euros, award to a contemporary music work created in the preceding year.[5]
  • The International Contemporary Art Prize (PIAC) is open to juried artists who submit three works of any artistic format as part of a contemporary art exhibition held in Monaco. Originally established in 1965, the competition has been organised by the Foundation since 1983. Prior to 2005 the Artistic Committee made an annual award of the Prince Rainier III Grand Prize of 15,000 euros and the Princess Grace Foundation prize, the Discovery Scholarship, of 12,000 euros to an artist under the age of 40.[6] Since then the prize has been worth €40,000 to a single winner, of which €20,000 is to cover the cost of new work. In 2010 the format was changed to involve the Prize being awarded every three years[7]


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Literary Prize[edit]

Art Prize (PIAC)[edit]

(PR) = Prince Rainier prize, (PG) = Princess Grace Foundation prize


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