Prinos oil field

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Leaving The Prinos field on a Crew boat. (16449580930).jpg
The Prinos D production platform with the Penrod 58 jackup rig on location for workover in 1982
RegionAegean Sea
OperatorEnergean Oil & Gas
Field history
Start of development1971
Start of production1975
Current production of oil1,900 barrels per day (~95,000 t/a)
Estimated oil in place12 million tonnes
(~ 10×10^6 m3 or 90 MMbbl)

The Prinos oil field is an oil field located in the northern Aegean Sea, between the island of Thasos and city of Kavala on the mainland. It was discovered in 1971 and developed by Energean Oil & Gas. It began production in 1974. The total proven reserves of the Prinos oil field are around 90 million barrels (12×106tonnes), and production is centered on 1,900 barrels per day (300 m3/d).[1] It is named after the village of Prinos on Thasos, the nearest inhabited place.

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Coordinates: 40°48′N 24°29′E / 40.80°N 24.49°E / 40.80; 24.49