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Pripps Blå.JPG
Pripps Blå 7.0%
Owned byCarlsberg
Active beers
Name Type
Pripps Blå lager
Pripps Blå Pure lager
Pripps Blå Light lager
Pripps Blå Extra Stark lager
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Pripps Blå Sommarspecial lager
Pripps Julöl dunkel

Pripps was a major brewery in Sweden and is now a part of Carlsberg,[citation needed] in which Pripps remains as a trademark. The company was based in Stockholm; their main product was Pripps Blå. They also owned Ramlösa. Pripps was founded in Gothenburg by Johan Albrecht Pripp in 1828.


Pripps Blå, lit. Pripp's Blue, is a light lager first introduced in 1959; it is said to be one of the most popular beers in Sweden.[1]

Pripps Blå is an inexpensive beer, for it is brewed with exactly 51% barley — the minimum amount of barley in beer required by Swedish law. A low-calorie version called Pripps Blå Light[2] is also made. Other versions are Pripps Blå Extra Stark,[3] a full malt, extra strong beer with 7.2% alcohol and Pripps Blå Pure[4] with a lower carbohydrates content, scheduled to replace Pripps Blå Light.


The beers are brewed at Carlsberg Sverige.

CEOs of Pripps bryggerier AB[edit]

  • 1972-1981 - Kurt Rydé
  • 1981-???? - Nils Holgerson
  • 1985-1986 - Bill Fransson
  • 1986-1990 - Hans Källenius


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