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This is a list of Public holidays in Guatemala.[1][2]

Public holidays[edit]

The Guatemalan Labor Code recognizes the following dates as public holidays with paid leave:[3]

Date English Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day The celebration of the first day of the Gregorian Calendar.
Variable Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday
May 1 International Workers' Day Known as Labor Day
June 30 Army Day
September 15 Independence Day
October 20 Revolution Day
November 1 All Saints' Day
December 24 Christmas Eve From noon onward
December 25 Christmas
December 31 New Year's Eve From noon onward
Variable The local holiday Usually day of a patron saint. For example, Guatemala City celebrated Assumption Day on August 15.

Besides, the supervisory body in charge of the banking sector in Guatemala (la Superintendencia de Bancos de Guatemala) announces bank holiday would be observed in Guatemala every year.[4] These dates includes the dates mentioned above and the following:

Date English Name Remarks
Variable Holy Wednesday From noon onward
May 10 Mother's Day Only observed by mothers
July 1 Bank Holiday (Día del Empleado Bancario)
October 12 Día de la Raza
December 24 Christmas Eve From noon onward
December 31 New Year's Eve From noon onward

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