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The town centre of Sha Tin New Town.

The following is a list of public housing estates in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS), Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS), and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates.


When Sha Tin New Town was being developed, the beach and Sha Tin Hoi was reclaimed to construct Lek Yuen Estate, Wo Che Estate, Sha Kok Estate and Jat Min Chuen.[1]


Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Fung Wo Estate 豐和邨 Public 2013 3 1,600
Jat Min Chuen 乙明邨 Public 1981 3 3,730 HK Housing Society
Kwong Yuen Estate 廣源邨 TPS 1989 6 1,807
Lek Yuen Estate 瀝源邨 Public 1975 7 3,219
Pok Hong Estate 博康邨 TPS 1982 8 5,481
Shui Chuen O Estate 水泉澳邨 Public 2014-15 18 11,123
Sha Kok Estate 沙角邨 Public 1980 7 6,420
Shek Mun Estate 碩門邨 Public 2009, 2018 2 2,000 Extra four blocks are under construction
Sunshine Grove 晴碧花園 Sandwich 1999 2 508 HK Housing Society
Wo Che Estate 禾輋邨 Public 1977 13 6,297
Greenhill Villa 綠怡雅苑 SSFP 2019 3 1,020 HK Housing Society
Hong Lam Court 康林苑 HOS 1990 3 1,050
Kwong Lam Court 廣林苑 HOS 1990 3 1,832
Yu Chui Court 愉翠苑 HOS 2001 16 4,176
Yue Shing Court 愉城苑 HOS 1980 4 530
Yue Tin Court 愉田苑 HOS 1982 7 1,704


Fung Wo Estate[edit]

Fung Wo Estate opened beside Wo Che Estate in 2013 on the site of the former Sha Tin Police Married Quarters, which were demolished in 2007. It comprises three blocks housing 3,500 people.[2]

Name Type Completion
Wo Yue House Non-standard 2013
Wo On House
Wo Shun House

Lek Yuen Estate[edit]

Lek Yuen Estate

Lek Yuen Estate (Chinese: 瀝源邨) was the first public housing estate in Sha Tin, and is built on the reclaimed land of Sha Tin Hoi, located near Wo Che Estate and Sha Tin station. The estate consists of seven residential blocks completed in 1975.[3]

Lek Yuen Estate was one of the first of a "new generation" of estates which were more self-contained with regard to the provision of amenities and shopping.[4] Covered walkways allow tenants to do their shopping close to home, without relying on cars or trains. This is now a standard element of housing estate design in Hong Kong. When the old Sha Tin market was being demolished, many merchants were relocated to the Lek Yuen Estate shops, though some complained of comparatively "exorbitant" rents.[5]

The shopping centre is now owned by The Link REIT. The estate locality has several other facilities including a market, a park, a public clinic, an entertainment building called "Sha Tin Fun City" (沙田娛樂城), and numerous schools. An elevated walkway runs through the estate, linking it to Sha Tin Town Centre (to the south) and Wo Che Estate (to the north).

English name Chinese name Type Completion
Wing Shui House 榮瑞樓 Old Slab 1975
Wah Fung House 華豐樓
Fu Yu House 富裕樓
Kwai Wo House 貴和樓
Fook Hoi House 福海樓
Luk Chuen House 祿泉樓
Sau Chuen House 壽全樓

Pok Hong Estate[edit]

Pok Hong Estate

Pok Hong Estate (Chinese: 博康邨) is a mixed estate consisting of eight residential blocks completed in 1982, 1983 and 1985.[6] Its site was originally a shallow sand beach near Sha Tin Hoi. Some of the flats were sold to the tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 5 in 2002.[1] In 2019, the housing estate has an estimated population of 16,063.[7]

Name[8] Type Completion
Pok Yue House Old Slab 1982
Pok Wah House
Pok Man House Double H 1983
Pok On House
Pok Tat House 1985
Pok Yat House Trident 2
Pok Chi House
Pok Tai House

Sha Kok Estate[edit]

Bean Goose House and Sand Martin House in Sha Kok Estate

Sha Kok Estate (Chinese: 沙角邨) is located near Pok Hong Estate, Jat Min Chuen and Sha Tin Wai station.[9]

The blocks in the estate are named after birds.

Name[10] Type Completion
Skylark House Triple H 1982
Herring Gull House 1981
Oriole House Old Slab 1982
Bean Goose House
Sand Martin House 1980
Green Heron House
Osprey House

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) moved in 2012 into the former Sha Kok Primary School in Sha Kok Estate, sharing the same building with Hong Kong Education City. It is located next to Buddhist Kok Kwong Secondary School.

Shui Chuen O Estate[edit]

Shui Chuen O Estate bordering Lion Rock Country Park and Ma On Shan Country Park
Shui Chen O Estate, Shatin (Hong Kong)

Shui Chuen O Estate comprises 18 blocks opened between 2015 and 2017, offering 11,123 public rental flats. It also includes a commercial complex with 59 shops and an indoor market.[11] The new estate sits on a hillside and will be connected to the lower-lying areas by footbridges and lift towers, providing easy access to Pok Hong Estate and Sha Tin Wai station.

English name Chinese Name Type Phase Completion
Ching Chuen House 清泉樓 Non-standard
1 2014
Long Chuen House 朗泉樓
Yan Chuen House 欣泉樓
Hei Chuen House 喜泉樓
Shing Chuen House 城泉樓 2 2015
Ho Chuen House 河泉樓
Ming Chuen House 明泉樓
Mau Chuen House 茂泉樓 3
Lam Chuen House 林泉樓
Shou Chuen House 修泉樓
Chuk Chuen House 竹泉樓
Sung Chuen House 崇泉樓 4
Ling Chuen House 嶺泉樓
Lok Chuen House 樂泉樓 Non-standard
1 2014
Yuet Chuen House 月泉樓 2 2015
Ying Chuen House 映泉樓
Shan Chuen House 山泉樓 4
Tsun Chuen House 峻泉樓

Wo Che Estate[edit]

Twin Tower buildings in Wo Che Estate.

Wo Che Estate (Chinese: 禾輋邨) is the second public housing estate in Sha Tin, after Lek Yuen Estate.[citation needed] Built on the reclaimed land of Sha Tin Hoi,[12] the estate consists of 13 residential blocks completed in 1975, 1980 and 2003.

Name[13] Type Completion
Hong Wo House Twin Tower 1975
Fung Wo House
Shun Wo House
Man Wo House 1980
Tai Wo House
Foo Wo House
Yan Wo House Single H
Mei Wo House
Hip Wo House Double H
Tak Wo House Old Slab 1975
Hau Wo House 1980
Chi Wo House
King Wo House New Cruciform 2003

The 13th house in the estate, King Wo House, was originally the HOS house called "Fung Sui Court", but the Hong Kong Housing Authority decided to transfer it to rental house before it was occupied in 2003.[14]

Kwong Yuen Estate, Kwong Lam Court and Hong Lam Court[edit]

Kwong Yuen Estate

Kwong Yuen Estate (Chinese: 廣源邨) is a mixed public and TPS estate in Siu Lek Yuen. Unlike other public estates in Sha Tin, Kwong Yuen Estate is built on sloping platform, instead of reclaimed land.[15] In 2001, some of the flats were sold to the tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 4.[16]

The Commercial Centre Complex of the estate was designed to merge into the village environment in the vicinity. Unlike the commercial centres of other public housing estates, the Complex consists of five two-level blocks which are standing on two platforms.[15] The 26m clock tower of the Complex is to reinforce the image of the Commercial Centre.[15] In 1992, the design of the commercial centre won a Certificate of Merit in the annual design competition which was organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects.[15][17]

Name[18] Type Completion
Pine House Trident 4 1989
Oak House
Banyan House
Cypress House
Kapok House Trident 3
Alder House

Shek Mun Estate[edit]

Shek Mun Estate

Shek Mun Estate (Chinese: 碩門邨) is a public housing estate built on reclaimed land in Shek Mun, Sha Tin, near the MTR Shek Mun station.[19] It consists of two residential buildings completed in 2009.[20][21][22]

A second phase, comprising four more blocks, started construction in 2015. This phase occupies a 2.25 ha site across the road from the existing estate and also includes a commercial centre, a welfare block, a kindergarten, a car park, and public space.[23]

Name[24] Type Completion
Kin Shek House Harmony 2009
Mei Shek House
Fung Shek House Non-standard (T-shaped) 2019
Sun Shek House
Shui Shek House
Hei Shek House

Jat Min Chuen[edit]

Sign of Jat Min Chuen

Jat Min Chuen (Chinese: 乙明邨) is the only one estate in Sha Tin developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society. It consists of three residential buildings completed in 1981 and 1982.[25] It was named for Mr. Tan Jat Ming (陳乙明), the former honorary treasurer of the Society.[26][27]

Unlike other estates, the Hong Kong Housing Society financed the construct of Jat Min Chuen using a bank loan at a high interest rate, rather than from the Government. Therefore, the rent in the estate was forced to be put up as the Society needed to return money to banks afterwards.[28]

Greenhill Villa[edit]

Greenhill Villa

Greenhill Villa (Chinese: 綠怡雅苑) is a Subsidised Sale Flats Project court developed by Hong Kong Housing Society and constructed by Chun Wo Construction,[29] located at Siu Lek Yuen of Sha Tin District. It comprises three 35 to 38-storey towers providing 1,020 small and medium-sized flats. It was launched for pre-sale in February 2016 and completed in 2019.[30]

House name Type Completion
Block 1 Designed by architect 2019
Block 2
Block 3

Sunshine Grove[edit]

Sunshine Grove

Sunshine Grove (Chinese: 晴碧花園) is a Sandwich Class Housing Scheme court in Yuen Chau Kok, Sha Tin, near City One Shatin and MTR City One station.[31] It consists of two blocks built in 1999.[32][33]

Yu Chui Court[edit]

Yu Chui Court

Yu Chui Court (Chinese: 愉翠苑) is a HOS court in Yuen Chau Kok, Sha Tin, near MTR City One station. Built on the reclaimed land of Sha Tin Hoi, it consists of 16 blocks (except the 2 demolished blocks) built in 2001.

In 2000, Block E and D of the court was found short-piling, in which only four of the 18 piles of the blocks could meet the specifications.[34][35] Finally, the government decided to demolish the two blocks for safety reasons. The site was then reconstructed as a garden.[36]

Name[37] Type Completion
Yu Fun House Concord 2001
Yu Yan House
Yu Moon House
Yu Sin House
Yu Yeung House
Yu Chai House
Yu Kui House
Yu Ting House
Yu Man House
Yu Nang House
Yu Yin House
Yu Lai House
Yu Chung House
Yu Lim House
Yu Ching House
Yu Kan House

Yue Tin Court[edit]

Yue Tin Court (Chinese: 愉田苑) is a HOS court in Yuen Chau Kok, Sha Tin, near City One Shatin and City One station.[38][39] It has seven blocks built in 1982 and 1983 respectively.

Name[40] Type Completion
Yue Sui House Flexi 1 1982
Yue Wo House
Yue Kin House
Yue Chak House
Yue Yat House Flexi 2 1983
Yue Yuet House
Yue Kwan House

Yue Shing Court[edit]

Yue Shing Court (right)

Yue Shing Court (Chinese: 愉城苑) is a HOS court in Sha Tin, near Sha Kok Estate and Jat Min Chuen.[41] Built on reclaimed land of Sha Tin Hoi, the court consists of four blocks built in 1980.

Name[42] Type Completion
Shing Yan House Old-Cruciform 1980
Shing Wing House
Shing Cheung House
Shing Hong House

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