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The Qemal Stafa High School is a high school, located in Tirana, Albania.

Founded in 1925 by then Prime Minister Ahmet Zogu, as the Lyceum of Tirana, it has many notable alumni, of whom 75 died in World War II and 13 were awarded the title People's Hero of Albania during World War II.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]

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Recipients of the title Hero of Albania[edit]

Science personalities[edit]

In literature[edit]

In sports[edit]

Recipients of People's Artist of Albania title[edit]

Recipients of Merited Artist of Albania title[edit]

Recipients of the Merited Painter of Albania and People's Painter of Albania titles[edit]


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Coordinates: 41°19′57″N 19°48′23″E / 41.3326°N 19.8065°E / 41.3326; 19.8065