Qian River

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Qian Jiang
Bird's-eye view of Guiping.jpg
Qian River (left) at the confluence with the Yu Jiang (right), forming the Xun Jiang
Map of the Pearl River system
CountryChina China
Physical characteristics
 • location
Xun Jiang at Guiping
Length121 km (75 mi)

The Qian River (Chinese: 黔江; pinyin: Qián Jiāng) is the name of a short section of the Xi River system and, thus, the greater Pearl River system in Guangxi, China. It is formed by where the Liu Jiang meets the larger Hongshui He east of Laibin, then flows southeast through Wuxuan. At Guiping it is joined by the more southerly Yu Jiang to form the Xun branch of the Xi Jiang. The Qian, for most of its length, winds between the Dayao and Lianhua Mountains, before entering the valley just below Xishan Mountain west of Guiping.

Coordinates: 23°24′7″N 110°5′47″E / 23.40194°N 110.09639°E / 23.40194; 110.09639