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Logo of Qume

Qume was a manufacturer of daisy-wheel printers originally located in Hayward, California, later moving to San Jose.[1][2] Around 1980, it also opened a manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico.[3] It once dominated the daisy-wheel market.[1] As the market for its printers declined in the 1980s, the company developed a line of computer terminals. It was founded by David S. Lee[4] in 1973 and was a division of ITT Corporation from 1978 until its acquisition by Wyse Technology sometime before 1995.[5][6] Qume also manufactured floppy diskette drives, particularly 5.25" ones, but it also manufactured 8" diskette drives as well. Qume's diskette drives were included in some IBM PC models, such as the Portable Personal Computer and PCjr.


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