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Radio Disney's The Next BIG Thing
Country of originUnited States

Radio Disney's Next BIG Thing (also known by the initials N.B.T.) is a singing contest broadcast on Radio Disney that first launched in November 2008.[1] The contest takes place over 10 weeks, with new and unsigned artists or bands competing every two weeks. Radio listeners can then vote for the singer or band of their choice to progress in the contest, with the overall winner being announced at the contest's end.[2] Singing duo Jonnie and Brookie won the show's first season in May 2009.[3][4]

Season two of Next BIG Thing began in late 2009 and was won by Jasmine Sagginario from Franklin, Tennessee.[5][6] Season three began in 2010 and was won by Kicking Daisies, with Shealeigh winning season four in 2011.[7][8][9]

Season Five began on October 12, 2012,[10] and featured four solo singers and one singing duo competing for an appearance on the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally, the chance to have a single released through the Disney Music Group, and to open for the Next Big Thing finale concert in Los Angeles.[11] The competitors for the fifth season are Chloe and Halle Bailey , Jack Skuller, Katherine Hughes, Elle Winter, and Damian Otchere. Chloe and Halle were declared the winners on December 8, 2012.[11]


Original NBT contest featuring 5 (10 in season 1) and (6 in season 6) unsigned and unknown artists. They perform and do interviews and through online voting one is chosen as the winner.

(Winners Are In Bold)


Season 1 (2008/2009): 10 total artists including,

Season 2 (2009/2010): 5 artists

Season 3 (2010/2011): 5 artists

  • Sacha Edwards
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Coco Jones
  • Amber Lilly
  • Kicking Daisies

Season 4 (2011): 5 artists

  • Shealeigh Voitl
  • Zack Montana
  • Ladina Spence
  • Hollywood Ending (2008-2015)
  • Tay Barton

Season 5 (2012): 5 artists

Season 6: (2012/2013): 6 artists Winner: The Never Ever (2009-2016).

NEW Format[edit]

In 2013, Radio Disney started a new format for NBT. Instead of it being a competition, it became a promotion type of show where there was a single "featured artist." Said featured artist was already signed to a record label and getting some airplay on Radio Disney as well as other stations, so they were not as unknown as NBT artists in the past. The featured artist was promoted in different videos and media across the Radio Disney site and station as well as sometimes on the Disney Channel. Each artist was featured for a few months before moving on to a new artist.

1st artist (2013):

2nd artist (2013/2014):

3rd artist (2014):

4th artist (2014):

5th artist (2014/2015):

6th artist (2015):

7th artist (2015):

8th artist (2015)

9th artist (2015/2016)

10th artist (2016):

11th artist (2016):

12th artist (2016):

13th artist (2017):

14th artist (2017):

15th artist (2017):

16th artist (2017/2018):

17th artist (2018):

18th artist (2018/2019):

19th artist (2019):

20th artist (2019):

21st artist (2019):

22nd artist (2019):


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