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Stable release
1.13.101 / April 11, 2011; 9 years ago (2011-04-11)
Written inC#
Operating systemWindows
TypeMixin library
LicenseLGPL 2.1 or higher

re-mix is an open-source library (LGPL) hosted on codeplex[1] to bring the mixin technology to C# and Visual Basic.NET.


.NET does not offer multiple inheritance.[2] Nevertheless, in some use cases multiple inheritance support would be helpful for .NET applications. In languages such as Ruby these use cases were solved with mixins.[3]

The company rubicon created a mixin library for the Microsoft .NET Framework [4] to add multiple inheritance to their own applications.

The mixin library became part of the open source framework re-motion. In March 2011, re-mix has been published on CodePlex as spin-off project of re-motion.