Regiment Oos Transvaal

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Regiment Oos Transvaal
SADF Regiment Oos Transvaal emblem
SANDF Regiment Oos Transvaal emblem
Active1 October 1964 -
Country South Africa
TypeReserve Artillery
Part of
Battle honoursSE Angola
First Officer CommandingCommandant Hennie Crous
Collar BadgeBursting grenade with seven flames
Beret ColourOxford Blue
Battery emblemsSANDF anti aircraft company emblems
Beret bar circa 1992SANDF Anti Aircraft beret bar

Regiment Oos Transvaal / iWombe Anti-Aircraft Regiment is a reserve force regiment of the South African Army Air Defence Artillery Formation.



Regiment Oos Transvaal [1] was established on 1 October 1964. Its first headquarters was a Magistrates Court office in Brakpan in 1968, but by 1975, its headquarters had moved on to Benoni. Renamed Apex Military Base, it was opened officially by Lt Gen Geldenhuys in 1976.


Regiment Oos Transvaal was originally meant to be equipped with 35mm Oerlikon but by December 1964, a decision was made that Regiment Oos Transvaal would use Bofors and Oerlikon guns, comprising a Bofors regiment, two 40mm Bofors batteries and a 35mm Oerlikon battery. In 1977 however the Regiment had been equipped as a 20mm anti-aircraft cannon regiment, with six batteries each of 18 guns.


Regiment Oos Transvaal supplied its R Battery for service in Operation Savannah in January/March 1976 while its P Battery served in the same border area from March to May.

Regiment Oos Transvaal formed part of a reaction force in 1980 but by 1983 forward, members of the Regiment were involved directly in a number of operations such as Operation Prone in 1988.

Present day[edit]

Regiment Oos Transvaal is currently equipped with the Oerlikon GDF Mk.5 35mm gun.[2]

Name Change[edit]

In August 2019 52 units of the Reserve Force had their names to reflect the diversity of the current SANDF. [3]

This unit had its name changed to the iWombe Anti-Aircraft Regiment.


Regimental symbols[edit]

Previous Dress Insignia[edit]

SADF era Regiment Eastern Transvaal insignia

Battle honours[edit]

  • Operation Savannah (Southern Angola)

Freedom of the city[edit]

The Freedom of Brakpan was granted to the Regiment on 14 April 1984.