List of chairmen of the United States House of Representatives Republican Conference

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This is a list of Republican Conference Chairmen of the United States House of Representatives.[1]

Chairman State Congress Dates
Justin S. Morrill VT 38th–39th 1863–1867
N/A 40th 1867–1869
Robert C. Schenck/
Nathaniel P. Banks
Austin Blair MI 42nd 1871–1873
Horace Maynard TN 43rd 1873–1875
George W. McCrary IA 44th 1875–1877
Eugene Hale ME 45th 1877–1879
William P. Frye ME 46th 1879–1881
George M. Robeson NJ 47th 1881–1883
Joseph G. Cannon IL 48th–50th 1883–1889
Thomas J. Henderson IL 51st–53rd 1889–1895
Charles H. Grosvenor OH 54th–55th 1895–1899
Joseph G. Cannon IL 56th–57th 1899–1903
William P. Hepburn IA 58th–60th 1903–1909
Frank D. Currier NH 61st–62nd 1909–1913
William S. Greene MA 63rd–65th 1913–1919
Horace M. Towner IA 66th–67th 1919–1923
Sydney Anderson MN 68th 1923–1925
Willis C. Hawley OR 69th–72nd 1925–1933
Robert Luce MA 73rd 1933–1935
Frederick R. Lehlbach NJ 74th 1935–1937
Roy Woodruff MI 75th–81st 1937–1951
Clifford Hope KS 82nd–84th 1951–1957
Charles B. Hoeven IA 85th–87th 1957–1963
Gerald Ford MI 88th 1963–1965
Melvin Laird WI 89th–90th 1965–1969
John B. Anderson IL 91st–95th 1969–1979
Samuel L. Devine OH 96th 1979–1981
Jack Kemp NY 97th–99th 1981–1987
Dick Cheney WY 100th 1987–1989
Jerry Lewis CA 101st–102nd 1989–1993
Dick Armey TX 103rd 1993–1995
John Boehner OH 104th–105th 1995–1999
J. C. Watts OK 106th–107th 1999–2003
Deborah Pryce OH 108th–109th 2003–2007
Adam Putnam FL 110th 2007–2009
Mike Pence IN 111th 2009–2011
Jeb Hensarling TX 112th 2011–2013
Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA 113th-115th 2013–2019
Liz Cheney WY 116th 2019-