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Rick McDaniel
RickMcDaniel 2015 Wikipedia.jpg
BornRichard McDaniel
Cumberland, Maryland, Maryland
OccupationPastor, Writer, Speaker
Notable worksFeel Good About Life Again, Comeback, Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks
SpouseMichelle McDaniel
ChildrenMatt, Wes

Rick McDaniel is an evangelical Christian minister and author. He is the founder/pastor of Richmond Community Church[1] in Richmond, VA. He is the author of six books with his latest, ‘Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks’, released on September 5, 2017[2] (CrossLink Publishing). On May 26 the book hit number one on Amazon in their Christian Faith category. McDaniel is known for his writing and public speaking. The High Impact Living ministry broadcasts featuring his messages in video and audio format are heard and viewed around the world.[3][4]



McDaniel grew up in Windsor Locks, CT. He has three earned degrees including a B.A. from Southeastern University, an M.A. from Boston College and a Th. M. from Duke University, currently Rick resides in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to positively impacting the community.[5] His wife is Michelle and they have two sons Matt and Wes.[6]

Richmond Community Church[edit]

McDaniel came to Richmond, Virginia in 1993 and founded a contemporary style church in central Virginia. The church was originally Glen Allen Community Church but changed to Richmond Community Church when additional campuses were added. An Internet campus was started in 2008 and has grown to 165,000 people in over 100 countries. The church is known for its modern style and innovative services.[7] The church also has been recognized for their work in the community helping those in need.[8]

Speaking and writing[edit]

Through his original message series content, McDaniel has expanded his ministry to reach well beyond the walls of Richmond Community Church. McDaniel is an author and writer as well as a speaker. His video messages are featured on Lightsource and LifeStream TV, his audio messages on OnePlace and on Audible. People around the world have the ability to watch or listen to McDaniel's messages each week.[9] He has traveled and spoken on six continents. As a writer, he is a regular columnist for Beliefnet,[10] a Contributor to "Fox News",[11] where a recent article ‘How to set your kids up for success’ [12] generated 1.7 million views and resulted an invitation to ’Fox and Friends‘, as well as being quoted in various publications.[13][14] His book 'Comeback' generated media interest from a variety of outlets including ESPN radio,[15] Family Circle magazine and talk radio, prompting an interview from Jeff Pearlman.[16] Having written two books on comebacks, he has become an expert for media, business and individuals on comebacks. McDaniel provides the media an evangelical voice when regional and national societal news occurs.[14]


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