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The River Add near Kilmichael Glassary

The River Add (Scottish Gaelic: Abhainn Àd) is a river which runs through Argyll and Bute on the West of Scotland. Historically, it was known as the Airigh, but to avoid confusion with the Aray (which gives its name to Inveraray), it was renamed the Add[when?].

The surrounding valley still retains the name Glen Airigh, and river gave rise to the name Glassary (Glas Airigh), by which the surrounding district of Glassary is known. In turn, this forms the second part of the name of Kilmichael Glassary, a village in the lower parts of the valley. Kilmichael Glassary is the home village of the founder of the Campbells of Auchinbreck, a senior cadet branch of Clan Campbell. The 1500ft high Marylyn of Beinn Dubh Airigh is situated on the northern edge Glen Airigh, separating it from Glen Awe.

The river begins at Loch Sidheannach, which is fed from the nearby hills, including Loch nan Losgann, close to the peak of Beinn Dubh Airigh. After passing through a heavily wooded area, and being joined by several small tributaries, It is joined by a tributary from the Blackmill Loch, and the Feorlin reservoir, just before skirting the northern side of Loch Glashan (a much larger reservoir). From there, it passes through the Mòine Mhòr Nature Reserve, then ends at Loch Crinan by the hamlet of Bellanoch, where it is crossed by an 1851 cast-iron bridge.[1].


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Coordinates: 56°04′28″N 5°31′20″W / 56.07444°N 5.52222°W / 56.07444; -5.52222