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RnBass (or R&Bass) is a movement and contemporary music genre that is the modernized form of traditional R&B music. Described by Vibe magazine as a breath of fresh air for the R&B genre, RnBass consists of tonal singing, melodic harmonies, along with heavy 808's that replace the 'blues' aspect of rhythm and blues.[1] There are also notable elements of EDM, with influences of 1990s–2000s music, as well as hyphy.[2][3] Coined by Bay Area producer J Maine, the RnBass musical style has garnered critical attention since the early-to-mid 2010s and has been popularized with urban audiences across America by Los Angeles producer DJ Mustard.[4] Despite originating in the West Coast, namely the Bay Area, RnBass producers and artists across the globe continue to develop R&B with the modern RnBass genre.


YouTube producers like Starra and Skylark Beats have been heavily pushing the genre online with their various remixes, tutorials and RnBass instrumentals. Also, its cross-genre influence has spread into the mainstream.


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