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Robert Sietsema is a former food critic for the Village Voice from 1993 to 2013.[1][2] He is a member of the Organ Meat Society and contributor to Gourmet magazine.[3] After being laid off from the Voice in a round of downsizing, he was hired the following week by Eater, the New York City-based online food network, first as a feature writer before moving into the role of food critic.[4]


Of Dutch descent, Sietsema is from the Midwest. Around 1978 he left college to move to New York City, where his wife-to-be was moving. He worked in a book publishing house and later became the bass player for a band called Mofungo for 12 years, which had Elliott Sharp on guitar. The band had several releases.

He started a newsletter called Down the Hatch and charged $10 a year for five issues.[5]

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