Robin's Nest (Hong Kong)

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Robin's Nest
Robin's Nest(Hong Kong).jpg
Robin's Nest, as viewed from the Man Uk Pin Village near Sha Tau Kok on November 6, 2012.
Highest point
Elevation492 m (1,614 ft)
Coordinates22°32′29″N 114°11′24″E / 22.54139°N 114.19000°E / 22.54139; 114.19000Coordinates: 22°32′29″N 114°11′24″E / 22.54139°N 114.19000°E / 22.54139; 114.19000
Robin's Nest is located in Hong Kong
Robin's Nest
Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest (Chinese: 紅花嶺; Jyutping: Hung4 Faa1 Leng5 (former name:麻雀嶺)) is a hill located in northeastern Hong Kong, south of the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the New Territories.[1] Robin's Nest is the 55th tallest hill in Hong Kong.

The name Hung Fa Leng (紅花嶺) does not translate directly as 'Robin's Nest' but as 'Red Flower Ridge'.

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