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Cover of the 15th issue of Rock 82, featuring Grace Jones, from the time when the magazine was supplement for Strip 82.
CategoriesMusic magazine
PublisherNIP Politika
Year founded1982
First issueApril 1982
Final issueDecember 1990

Rock was a Yugoslav music magazine, published from 1982 to 1990.


Rock first appeared in April 1982 as Rock 82.[1] Initially, Rock 82 was a supplement of NIP Politika's comic magazine Strip 82;[1] the back cover of Strip 82 being the front cover of Rock 82, printed in an unusual 11x30cm magazine format. Rock 82's first editor-in-chief[1] as well as the initiator of its launch was rock critic Peca Popović.[2] In an interview for the Rockovnik documentary series, Popović recalled:

From January 1983, Rock began being published as an independent periodical, printed in tabloid newspaper format. Then, in March 1985, it started getting printed in magazine format.[1] In 1985, 7" single with the charity song "Za milion godina", the Yugoslav contribution to Live Aid, was released with the magazine.[3]

Popović was succeeded by Vladislav Bajac, who in turn got succeeded by Dragan Todorović.[1] From October 1988, the magazine was edited by Saša Gajević, and published under the name Pop Rock.[1] The last, 161st issue, was released on December 13, 1990.[1]

Journalists and contributors[edit]

Some of the journalists and contributors to Rock include:


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