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Rohingya flag
Rohingya flag.png
UseCultural and ethnic flag
AdoptedMid-20th century
DesignGreen field charged with an ancient Rohingya coin in the centre
Rohingya flag (wide version).png
Variant flag of Rohingya flag
UseOriginal wide version
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Rohingya people
Rohingya flag.png

Conflict and persecution

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The Rohingya flag is the cultural and ethnic flag of the Rohingya people.[1] Its use was first mentioned by Rohingya scholar and author A.F.K. Jilani, who documented its creation in the mid-20 century.[2] On 20 May 2018, an updated version of the flag was created by the Rohingya Language Academy and released to the public; it is currently used by Rohingya diaspora communities around the world.[2]


The flag design is a green field charged with a yellow coin containing white text. Green represents peace, gold represents prosperity, and white represents purity. The Arabic text on the coin is the shahada surrounded by the names of the Four Righteous Caliphs of Islam: Abu Bakar (top), Omar (bottom), Othman (left), and Ali (right).[2][3]


Diagram of the flag's design


Scheme Green Gold White
RGB 11, 102, 35 212, 175, 55 255, 255, 255
Hexadecimal #0B6623 #D4AF37 #FFFFFF
CMYK 0.89, 0.00, 0.66, 0.60 0.00, 0.17, 0.74, 0.17 0, 0, 0, 0


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