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Rothenbaum (German: red tree) was a Sudetenland hamlet, situated about 1 km east of the border to Bavaria.

Following the Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after World War II, the deserted place, now called Červené Dřevo, was destroyed, and Czechoslovakian border fortifications during the Cold War were installed.

In the late 1990s, the expellees erected a memorial in the ruins of the church.

In today's Czech Republic, the closest inhabited place is Fleky (Flecken, German for spot). The next village is Chudenin (Chudiwa), the next town is about 7 km away, Nyrsko (Neuern).

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Coordinates: 49°17′46″N 13°2′43″E / 49.29611°N 13.04528°E / 49.29611; 13.04528