Rothermere American Institute

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Rothermere American Institute
Rothermere American Institute
LocationOxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
51°45′27″N 1°15′14″W / 51.75763°N 1.25385°W / 51.75763; -1.25385Coordinates: 51°45′27″N 1°15′14″W / 51.75763°N 1.25385°W / 51.75763; -1.25385
Operating agency
University of Oxford
Rothermere American Institute is located in Oxford city centre
Rothermere American Institute
Location in Oxford city centre

The Rothermere American Institute is a department of the University of Oxford dedicated to the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the USA and its place in the world.[1] Named after the Harmsworth family, Viscounts Rothermere,[2] the Institute was opened in May 2001 by former US President Bill Clinton. It hosts conferences, lectures and seminars in the fields of American history, politics, foreign relations, and literature. Guests and speakers have included Queen Elizabeth, former US President Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Lord Patten of Barnes.

The Institute hosts four of the university's chairs and two visiting professorships.[3]

The current Director of the Institute is Adam I. P. Smith.

The Institute offers visiting fellowships to scholars of American studies, scholarships to study for a doctorate at Oxford in US history or politics, and various travel awards.

Oxford University's annual Esmond Harmsworth Lecture in American Arts and Letters is held at the Institute.[4]

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