Roxy Theater (Miami Beach)

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Roxy Theater
Roxy theater.png
The Roxy Theater, at its 1967 grand opening.
Address1527 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida
United States
OwnerLeroy Griffith
OperatorLeroy Griffith
Current useClub Madonna (adult nightclub)
OpenedJuly 21, 1967
Reopened1994 (as Club Madonna)
Years active1967-present

The Roxy Theater is a former movie theater located at 1527 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida.[1][2] In 1994, the Roxy was converted into an adult nightclub and renamed Club Madonna. It is owned and operated by theater and nightclub proprietor and former Broadway theater producer Leroy Griffith.


This July 21, 1967 newspaper ad promoted the grand opening of the Roxy.

The Roxy, billed as "Miami Beach's newest and most fabulous theatre," opened on Friday, July 21, 1967.[3] For its grand opening, the theater premiered The Way West, starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, and Richard Widmark.

"The theater is luxurious, designed for comfort and seats 400," wrote Miami News columnist Herb Kelly. He also reported that Griffith planned to add vaudeville later.

Griffith generated publicity there when, in 1967, he publicly invited city officials to a screening of the film, Man and Wife. "It was advertised as the art of making love 49 different ways," he said in a 1993 interview.[4] "I don't remember inviting them, but I vaguely remember the incident. I think that was the first hard-core movie ever shown down here." According to press accounts at the time, the officials seemed to think the movie was boring, but not obscene.

In early 1994, Griffith converted the Roxy from an adult movie theater to an all-nude strip club (Club Madonna), which it remains today. He successfully withstood an attempt by attorneys for the pop singer Madonna to prevent him from using the name.[5]


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