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OriginKortrijk, Belgium
GenresIndie pop
Years active2009–present
MembersBenjamin Desmet
Stefanie Callebaut
Sebastiaan Van den Branden
Christophe Claeys
Past membersJeroen Termote

SX is a Belgian aetheric indie pop group from Kortrijk, Belgium. The band was founded in the spring of 2009 by Benjamin Desmet (keyboard, guitar) and Stefanie Callebaut (voice, keyboard).[1]

With Mister Lion the group won the Road2Fame-challenge of TV channel TMF in June 2009. Three months later, the group won the public's prize during the final of talent show Westtalent.[2] As radio channel Studio Brussel provided them both the On Air-award and their attention, SX broke through in January 2011 with the record 'Black Video'.[1][3] The video clip received positive criticism as well. On 26 May 2011 SX recorded three tracks (Black Video, Stop and Graffiti) in the Toots-Studio in Brussels. These tracks were broadcast in the Studio Brussel program Select and can still be heard at the Studio Brussel website.[3] In 2011, the group went on tour through Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.[4] The group's debut album, Arche, was released in 2012. The follow-up, Alphabet, was released in 2016.


Multiple interpretations are possible for the short name "SX". The technological tone of the term, the futuristic scope of the name and the referral to sex are a couple of examples singer Stefanie Callebaut gave during interviews.[4]




Album(s) with hits in
the Flemish Ultratop
Date of
Date of
of weeks
Arche 2012 10-11-2012 2 44
Alphabet 18-11-2016 26-11-2016 13 7



Single(s) with hits in
the Flemish Ultratop
Date of
Date of
of weeks
"Black Video" 07-03-2011 23-04-2011 31 11
"Gold" 2012 10-11-2012 36 4
"Graffiti" 2013 09-03-2013 tip4 -
"The Future" 2013 22-06-2013 tip37 -
"Hurts" 2016 13-02-2016 40 1
"Shimona" 2016 23-04-2016 tip35 -
"Mercury" 2016 16-07-2016 tip -
"Comfort" 2016 29-10-2016 tip10 -
"Real Life" 2019 04-05-2019 tip49 -


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