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The badge of office of Saint-Laurent Herald of Arms

Saint-Laurent Herald of Arms (Héraut Saint-Laurent in French) is the title of one of the officers of arms at the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa. Like the other heralds at the Authority, the name is derived from a Canadian river, in this case the Saint Lawrence River. In addition to his/her regular heraldic duties, Saint-Laurent Herald, as the Registrar of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, is responsible for maintaining the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.

A badge of office was assigned to Saint-Laurent by vice-regal warrant in 1994. This consists of a flaming gridiron overlaid by a blue cross. The gridiron is associated with the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence. The fleurs-de-lys on the ends of each branch of the cross come from the former royal arms of France and were also used by French settlements in Canada such as New France and Quebec.

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