San Juan River (Tamaulipas)

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Rio San Juan
Río San Juan
Country Mexico
States Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas
Source Coahuila
Mouth Rio Grande
 - location near Camargo, Tamaulipas
 - coordinates 26°21′55″N 98°51′15″W / 26.36528°N 98.85417°W / 26.36528; -98.85417Coordinates: 26°21′55″N 98°51′15″W / 26.36528°N 98.85417°W / 26.36528; -98.85417
Basin 33,538 km2 (12,949 sq mi) [1]
Discharge for IBWC station 08-4642.00, near Camargo
 - average 10.4 m3/s (370 cu ft/s) [1]
 - max 3,250 m3/s (114,770 cu ft/s)
 - min 0 m3/s (0 cu ft/s)
Map of the Rio Grande watershed, showing the San Juan River joining the Rio Grande near Reynosa.]

The San Juan River is the largest and most important river in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. The river feeds the El Cuchillo Dam, which provides the city of Monterrey with water. The San Juan River basin has a total surface area of 33,538 square kilometres (12,949 sq mi).[1] The San Juan River is a tributary to the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) — which is the fourth largest river basin in North America. It begins in Coahuila, flows through Nuevo León and into Tamaulipas, where it finally joins the Rio Grande near Camargo, Tamaulipas.

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