Sanggan River

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Sanggan River Valley

The Sanggan River or Sanggan He (Chinese: 桑干河) is also known in English as the Sanggan or the Sangkan River is a river in China. It is an important river both hydrologically and culturally. For example, the Sanggan River is referenced in a poem by Chen Tao.[1] It is also of historical interest.


The Sangan River is part of the drainage system of Shanxi Province. It joins with the Yang He (洋河), the Yongding River (formerly known as the Wuding River), and then the Hai River, its waters eventually drain into the Bohai Sea.

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Coordinates: 40°17′56″N 115°34′56″E / 40.2990°N 115.5823°E / 40.2990; 115.5823