Sarmayeh Bank

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Sarmayeh Bank
Traded asFarabourse: سمایه
IndustryFinancial services
HeadquartersTehran, Iran
Key people
Alireza Akbari Masole
Alireza Poyanshad
ProductsRetail banking
Transaction accounts
stock brokerage
Investment bank
Asset-based lending
Consumer finance
International payments
Foreign exchange
Increase Rialsymbol.svg 468 Billion IRR (2008)
Total assetsRialsymbol.svg 12.04 Trillion IRR (2008)
Bank Sarmayeh, branch of Nishapur

Sarmayeh Bank is a major Iranian banking establishment offering retail, commercial and investment banking services. The company was established in 2005 as a part of the government's privatization of the banking system.[1]

Sarmayeh Bank is listed in Farabourse. In 2006, Sarmayeh Bank had an initial equity capital of $365.150 million.[2]


The bank currently operated throughout the country, housing a total of 153 branches. In 2008, the Bank established several branches overseas in the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Tajikistan.[3]

Sarmayeh Bank operates as a private bank in Iran; In addition to offering short and fixed deposit accounts for domestic and overseas clients, The bank also provides financial advisory, letters of credit, treasury, currency exchange, corporate loans syndication, and electronic banking services.[4]


Sarmayeh Bank is currently the largest shareholder of the Bank.[5] However, the bank currently has over 300,000 other shareholders.[6]

Corporate governance[edit]

Current members of the board of directors include: Mohammadreza Khani, Bahman Khadem and Mohammad Zarepour Ashkzari.[7]

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