Sawa (Hrycuniak)

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Sawa (Hrycuniak)
Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland
Metropolita Sawa (Hrycuniak.jpg
ChurchPolish Orthodox Church
Personal details
Born(1938-04-14)April 14, 1938
SignatureSawa (Hrycuniak)'s signature

Metropolitan Sawa, (sometimes Sabbas, secular birth name Michał Hrycuniak; born 14 April 1938 in Śniatycze) is the Archbishop of Warsaw and Metropolitan of All Poland, and hence the Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church since 1998, the second largest organized religion in Poland.[1][2] Sawa was a longtime associate of communist Służba Bezpieczeństwa actively working under name of TW Jurek during which he denounced church members to the communist authorities and obtained their help in advancing his career within the Church. [3] Because of his russophilic views, many churchgoers and clergy of Polish Orthodox Church consider his primate as illegitimate. He is also a professor of theology. Previously, he was a bishop of Białystok and Gdańsk (1981–1998) and Łódź and Poznań (1979–1981).

Metropolitan Sawa in 2010.


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