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Linguistic classificationIndo-European
Caspian and Semnani languages.svg
Caspian and Semnani languages (lower right)

The Semnani languages are a group of Northwestern Iranian languages,[2] spoken in Semnan province of Iran that share many linguistic features and structures with Caspian languages. These languages are also called "dialects" in some sources.[3]

There are six Semnani languages named in the literature. Some may be dialects, but there is little published work on their relationships.[4]

Glottolog changed the designation of this language family from "Semnanic"[5] to "Komisenian".[6] This designation has been also adopted by Wiktionary.[7]

Linguistic Map of Semnan province

Cognate sets[8][edit]

English Sorkhei Lasgerdi Sangsari Aftari Biyabunaki
dog esbā esbe esbe espa esba
girl dukkey dot döt dut dut
blood xün xün
large masīn masīn mas/yale masīn
nose ven vinī xunī vinī vēnī
snow vār var varf var
serpent mohur mahar
moon mūng māye
woman žiki žaki žekeyn džek džinakā


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