Shōnen Ai no Bigaku

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Shōnen Ai no Bigaku
Issue 17
CategoriesSeinen manga, Adult, Shotacon
PublisherAV Comics
First issueJune 2003 (2003-06)
Final issueNovember 2008 (2008-11)

Shōnen Ai no Bigaku (少年愛の美学), literally The Esthetics of Boy Love, was a bimonthly manga compilation authored by shotacon artists in Japan. The title mimics that of a philosophical work on sexuality and homosexuality by Inagaki Taruho. The first volume was published in 2003 by AV Comics,[1] the adult product branch of Shobukan, with the intention of reviving the market for shotacon magazines.[2] Each issue of the seventeen volume series follows a theme such as cross-dressing, omorashi, field trip, or incest. Shōnen Ai no Bigaku did not include straight shota.


Shōnen Ai no Bigaku published a number of recurring manga artists.

  • Akio Takami (秋緒たかみ)
  • Chiyu 12 Sai (ちゆ12歳)
  • Dohi Kensuke (土肥けんすけ)
  • Ebi Chiriko (海老知里子)
  • Hoshiai Hiro (星逢ひろ)
  • Inaba Cozy (稲葉COZY)
  • Inumaru (犬丸)
  • Kawada Shōgo (かわだ章吾)
  • Mitsui Jun (三井純)
  • Po-Ju (ぽ~じゅ)
  • Sakamoto Hayato (坂本ハヤト)
  • Sasorigatame (さそりがため)
  • Tsuduki Mayoi (ツヅキ真宵)
  • Yamano Kitsune (矢間野狐)
  • Yokoyama Chicha (よこやまちちゃ)


# Issue Title Kanji Date of Publication
1 The Boy in Girl Clothes The 女装少年 15 June 2003
2 The Mischievous Boy The やんちゃ少年 15 August 2003
3 The Crybaby Boy The 泣き虫少年 15 October 2003
4 The Spoiled Boy The 甘えんぼ少年 15 December 2003
5 The Experienced The 精通 15 February 2004
6 The Costume Boy The 制服少年 15 April 2004
7 The Prank Boy The 悪戯っ子 15 June 2004
8 The Our Summer Vacation The ぼくらの夏休み 15 August 2004
9 The Our Sports Festival The ぼくらの運動会 25 October 2004
10 The Morning Erection The 朝立ち 25 December 2004
11 The Glasses Boy The メがネ少年 25 February 2005
12 The Little Brother The 弟 25 April 2005
13 The Wetting Boy The おもらし少年 25 June 2005
14 The Contest Boy The くらべっこ 25 August 2005
15 The Boy in Girl Clothes: Underwear Edition The 女装少年~下着編~ 25 October 2005
16 The Our Trip The ぼくらの遠足 25 December 2005
17 The Naughty Boy The わんぱく少年 25 February 2006
EX Boy in Girl Clothes 女装少年 27 May 2008
EX2 Phimosis 包茎 27 November 2008

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