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Sheldon Howard Harris (August 22, 1928 – August 31, 2002)[1][2] was a historian and Professor Emeritus of History at California State University, Northridge.


Harris was born in Brooklyn. Sheldon Harris is Emeritus professor of History at California state university, Northridge. In 1984 he became involved in research on Japanese biological warfare experimentation in Manchuria. His research led him to deliver serval papers to international conferences on science and ethical and to the publication of a number of scholarly articles that have aroused considerable interest in the united states, Europe, Japan and China. He published six books and dozens of articles. In 1994, he published Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932 - 1945, and the American Cover-Up.

He was educated at Brooklyn College, Harvard University, and Columbia University.[3]


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