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The Sheldon Stone Circle on the crest of the hill

Sheldon Stone Circle is a prehistoric stone circle, located at grid reference NJ822249, to the south-east of Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Sheldon, sitting like a crown on a ridge may not be a recumbent stone circle as no recumbent stone exists, but the circle is about the right size for one. This stone circle lies about 200m north of a minor road at Sheldon Farm. There are six large stones still standing, plus an equally large outlier close by at the east. The circle appears to be built on a raised platform, and the outlier stands at the end of a peninsula extension of this platform. The stones do not appear to be height graded, and there is no sign of a recumbent or possible flankers, but there are the remains of what could be a ring cairn in the interior. Unless the requisite stones have been selectively removed, this does not seem to be a recumbent circle. [1]

The diameter of Sheldon is 32.9m.[1] There are no magnetic anomalies.[1] Astronomical alignments from this circle: Sun rise & set Dec +17.2 / -16.0. There are two outliers which have sunrise declinations that may mark the Celtic festivals of Beltane and Imbolc. [1]


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Coordinates: 57°18′52″N 2°17′50″W / 57.31432°N 2.29715°W / 57.31432; -2.29715