Shooting at the 1976 Summer Olympics

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Shooting at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal comprised seven events, all mixed. For the first time ever, a woman won an Olympic medal in shooting: Margaret Murdock caught the silver in the three positions event.[1] Lanny Bassham and Murdock tied for the first place, but Murdock was placed second after review of the targets. Bassham suggested that two gold medals be given, and after this request was declined, asked Murdock to share the top step with him at the award ceremony. Women had no separate shooting events at the time and were allowed to compete with men. Murdock became the first woman to win an Olympic medal in shooting.[2]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
 Uwe Potteck (GDR)  Harald Vollmar (GDR)  Rudolf Dollinger (AUT)
rapid fire pistol
 Norbert Klaar (GDR)  Jürgen Wiefel (GDR)  Roberto Ferraris (ITA)
rifle prone
 Karlheinz Smieszek (FRG)  Ulrich Lind (FRG)  Gennadi Lushchikov (URS)
rifle three positions
 Lanny Bassham (USA)  Margaret Murdock (USA)  Werner Seibold (FRG)
running target
 Aleksandr Gazov (URS)  Aleksandr Kediarov (URS)  Jerzy Greszkiewicz (POL)
 Josef Panáček (TCH)  Eric Swinkels (NED)  Wiesław Gawlikowski (POL)
 Donald Haldeman (USA)  Armando Marques (POR)  Ubaldesco Baldi (ITA)

Participating nations[edit]

Margaret Murdock, Lanny Basshan, and Werner Seibord

A total of 344 shooters, 336 men and 8 women, from 60 nations competed at the Montreal Games:[1]

Medal count[edit]

1 East Germany2204
2 United States2103
3 Soviet Union1113
 West Germany1113
5 Czechoslovakia1001
6 Netherlands0101
8 Italy0022
10 Austria0011
Totals (10 nations)77721


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