Shumashti language

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Native toAfghanistan
RegionKunar Province
Native speakers
(1,000 cited 1994)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3sts

Shumashti – also known as Shumasht – is a Dardic language spoken in parts of western Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. It was spoken by an estimated 1,000 people in 1994 on the western side Kunar River 60 miles up from Gawar-Bati. Literacy rates are low: below 1% (less than 10) for people who have it as a first language, and between 15% to 25% (between 150 and 250) for people who have it as a second language. It has a lexical similarity of 63% with Nangalami and 47% with Gawar-Bati. It has been heavily influenced by Pashayi.