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Sidlaphadi, Badami
Sidlaphadi is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 15°56′37″N 75°42′05″E / 15.94361°N 75.70139°E / 15.94361; 75.70139Coordinates: 15°56′37″N 75°42′05″E / 15.94361°N 75.70139°E / 15.94361; 75.70139
Country India
 • OfficialKannada
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
587 201
Telephone code08357

Sidlaphadi near Badami in Karnataka, is a natural rock bridge and pre historic rock shelter. It is located at about four km. in the middle of a shrub jungle near the historic town of Badami. A bridle and kutcha path through sandstone hills from Badami leads to Sidlaphadi and there is no metal road to the spot. Sidlaphadi literally means in Kannada the Rock of lightning, derived from gaping holes in the natural rock arch, which was formed when a lightning struck.[1] The natural rock bridge structure looks like a wide arch between two sandstone boulders (served as a roof). The rock structure has large, gaping holes in the arch and allows sunlight to enter inside which provides the required light for interiors. It was also a shelter for hunter-gatherer prehistoric people.

There is a replica of Sidlaphadi in the Badami archaeological museum, it is dedicated to recreate Sidlaphadi and has posters to provide relevant information about the evolution of man.

There are evidences to prove that the Sidlaphadi was a dwelling of prehistoric man.

Prehistoric rock art[edit]

This natural rock bridge structure was studied by archaeologist Shri A. Sundar, who identified prehistoric (now fading) paintings on the roof of the arch. The blunt weapons of stone were also discovered in the area.[1]

Other megalithic sites in Karnataka[edit]


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