Siege of Jajce (1464)

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Siege of Jajce
DateJuly–September 1464
Result Ottoman retreat
Ottoman Empire  Hungary
Commanders and leaders
Murad II
Units involved

The main body of the Ottoman army besieged Jajce in July, but what's left of Bosnian defense held on until the Ottoman retreat in September 1464 due to the approaching of the Hungarian army.[1][2]

Jajce had been surrendered to the Hungarians in December 1463, after a siege that followed Matthias Corvinus' offensive into Bosnia in late September 1463.[3] It is said that Corvinus managed to take over sixty places in Bosnia, many of which were fortified.[3] In July and August 1464, Sultan Murad II personally commanded the siege to take back Jajce.[3] The Ottoman army had probably set out from Edirne in late May according to C. Imber, 'since Malipiero dates the siege of Jajce to between 10 July and 24 August, and Enveri [...] also says that it began in July'.[4]

The Hungarian defense withstood the attack, as news of Corvinus' advance from the Sava reached the Ottoman army and forced Murad II to abandon baggage, dispose cannons into the river, and retreat to Sofia in August[3] or September,[1] where the army wintered.[5]

Mehmed Bey Minnetoğlu was appointed the governor of Bosnia after this second siege of Jajce.[6]


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