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Skin pack, or skin packaging, is a type of carded packaging where a product (or products) is placed on a piece of paperboard, and a thin sheet of transparent plastic is placed over the product and paperboard.[1][2]

The printed paperboard usually has a heat-seal coating. The plastic film (LDPE, PVC, ionomer, etc.) is softened by heat and draped over the product on the card. Vacuum is sometimes used to assist a firm fit. The film bonds to the heat-seal coating on the paperboard. The skin-packed piece then may need to be cut into individual units.

Self-adhesive film with uncoated card is also sometimes used.[citation needed]

Skin packaging somewhat resembles a blister pack, with the major difference being that the plastic surrounding the product is formed over the product, instead of being pre-formed.

Types of plastic film:

  • Polyethylene
  • PVC
  • Ionomer
  • PET


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