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Sky Sport
Sky Sport - Logo 2020.svg
Broadcast areaItaly
Vatican City
San Marino
Picture format576i (16:9 SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
2160p (UHDTV)
OwnerSky Italia (Sky)
LaunchedJuly 31, 2003
Sky ItaliaChannels 201 – 208
Channels 200, 250, 503 (Sky Sport 24)
Channels 251 – 263 (Sky Calcio)

Sky Sport is a group of nine sports satellite TV channels in the Italian language produced and broadcast by Sky Italia.


EPG Logo Channel name Launch
200, 239, 250, 503 481 Sky Sport 24 - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport 24 August 30, 2008
☒N Sky Sport 24 HD September 24, 2011
201, 240 482 Sky Sport Uno - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport Uno July 31, 2003
472 Sky Sport Uno HD July 10, 2006
202, 241, 249 483 Sky Sport Serie A - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport Serie A July 2, 2018
473 Sky Sport Serie A HD
203, 242 ☒N Sky Sport Football - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport Football July 31, 2003
Sky Sport Football HD July 10, 2006
204, 243 Sky Sport Arena - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport Arena July 31, 2003
Sky Sport Arena HD July 10, 2006
205, 244 Sky Sport Collection - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport Collection July 2, 2018
Sky Sport Collection HD
206, 245 Sky Sport NBA - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport NBA July 2, 2018
Sky Sport NBA HD
207, 246 Sky Sport F1 - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport F1 February 18, 2013
Sky Sport F1 HD
208, 247 Sky Sport MotoGP - Logo 2020.svg Sky Sport MotoGP March 10, 2014
Sky Sport MotoGP HD

The channel "Roma TV" is also included in the Sky Sport package.

Sky Sport 24[edit]

Sky Sport 24 is a sports all-news channel. With 24 hour cycle, of which 14 & 1/2 hours of live content (10:00-00:30) and 9 & 1/2 hours of reruns (00:30-10:00), it broadcasts current event updates, press conferences and breaking news all related to sport. British equivalent is Sky Sports News.

Sky Sport Uno[edit]

Sky Sport Uno (until July 1, 2018, Sky Sport 1) is the flagship channel of Sky Sport, dedicated to major sporting events. The British equivalent was Sky Sports 1, however it is now Sky Sports Main Event after it was renamed.

Sky Sport Serie A[edit]

Sky Sport Serie A (available only with the Sky Calcio pack) is a TV channel created for 266 Serie A match rights per-season, until 2021. It also broadcasts some matches of Serie A Femminile. This channel is similar to the British, Sky Sports Premier League, equivalent.

Sky Sport Football[edit]

Sky Sport Football is the channel dedicated to non-italian football.
These are Sky Sport’s Footballing rights used by this channel:

This channel has other equivalents in other countries Sky operates.

Sky Sport Arena[edit]

As with other equivalents in other countries, Sky Sport Arena is a multi-sport channel for other rights not covered or clashes by other Sky Sport channels.

These are some Sky Sport’s rights used by this channel:

Sky Sport Collection[edit]

Sky Sport Collection (known as Sky Sport Golf until July 21, 2019) is a channel dedicated legacy sporting event documentaries.

Sky Sport NBA[edit]

Sky Sport NBA is the channel dedicated to the american basketball competitions.
These are Sky Sport’s basketballing rights used by this channel:

Sky Sport F1[edit]

This channel, for motor-car racing, uses rights given by the FIA including these events:

Sky Sport MotoGP[edit]

This channel, for motorcycle racing, uses rights given by the FIM including these events:

  • Moto
    • MotoGP (until 2021)
    • Moto2 (until 2021)
    • Moto3 (until 2021)
    • MotoE (until 2021)
  • Other

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