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Solar panels on a house in Terrytown, Louisiana

Solar power in Louisiana is ranked 34th for installed solar PV capacity as of 2017 by the Solar Energy Industry Association.[1] The state's "solar friendliness" according to Solar Power Rocks has fallen to 50th place for 2018 as the state credit program ends[2] and full 1:1 retail net metering is being phased out.[3] Taxpayers still benefit from federal incentive programs such as the 30 percent tax credit, which applies to business and residential solar photovoltaic and thermal energy systems of any size.

From January 1, 2008 to June 19, 2015, Louisiana offered a 50 percent tax credit up to $12,500 for the installation of solar system for purchased systems. On a combined basis with federal tax credits, and depending on a homeowner's tax situation, this amounted to an 80 percent tax credit for solar installations less than $25,000 in value,[4][5][6] as well as a smaller credit for leased solar systems, which increased the affordability of solar PV and water heating.[7]

Google's Project Sunroof estimates Louisiana to have over 20GW of rooftop solar potential,[8] of which New Orleans is estimated to have over 90% of its roofs capable of solar energy production.[9]

Solar Panels on Mall of Louisiana

New Orleans' largest solar array is the 1MW array installed by Blattner Energy at the Entergy Patterson facility in New Orleans East.[10] The largest solar project in the state of Louisiana is currently the 1.2MW rooftop solar system at the Mall of Louisiana, completed in 2017 by Solar Alternatives and Strata Solar.[11][12]

Source: NREL[13]
Grid-connected PV capacity (MW)[14][15][16][17][18][19]
Year Total Installed
2009 0.2
2010 2.6 2.4
2011 13.4 10.8
2012 18.2 4.8
2013 46.6 28.4
2014 60 13.4
2015 92 32
2016 110 18
2017 120 10
2018 138 18
2019 146 8

Note: Source gives conflicting information for 2011 and 2012.

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