Southbrook, New Zealand

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Southbrook is located in New Zealand
Coordinates: 43°20′S 172°36′E / 43.33°S 172.60°E / -43.33; 172.60Coordinates: 43°20′S 172°36′E / 43.33°S 172.60°E / -43.33; 172.60

Southbrook is a suburb of Rangiora, in North Canterbury, New Zealand. It is located at the south end of the town. The population in the 2013 Census was 801.[1] As the term "town" has no official meaning in New Zealand, Southbrook is sometimes considered[by whom?] as a separate town.


Southbrook has one primary school and one state-integrated area school.

  • Southbrook School is a state co-educational full primary school with a roll of 305 students (as of March 2020).[2] The school opened in 1874, and the current principal is Julie Walls.


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