Southwestern Tablelands

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Southwestern Tablelands
Level III ecoregions, United States.png
Central Great Plains (area 26 on the map)
Bird species[1]
Mammal species[1]
CountryUnited States
StateColorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

The southwestern tablelands is an ecoregion running from east-central to south-east Colorado, east-central and a small portion of east New Mexico, some eastern portions of the Oklahoma Panhandle, far south-central Kansas and portions of northwest Texas. This ecoregion has a "cold semi-arid" climate (Köppen BSk). Some years, a National Weather Service warning is issued in parts of Texas due to a dust storm originating from the lower part of the Southwestern Tablelands ecological region or from the southern end of the Western High Plains ecological region.[2]

Included cities[edit]

Albuquerque, New Mexico



In the northwestern region, the prevalent vegetation consists of grasses of the shortgrass prairie ecosystem and sagebrush.



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