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Special fine paper is a classification of paper used for copying and digital printing.[1]

Copy paper[edit]

Copy paper is used for copying and laser printers. The basis weight is 70-90 g/m² (approximately 18-24 lb) and ISO brightness 80-96%. It is made of 90–100% virgin chemical pulp or 100% deinked pulp with total pigment content of 10-15%. The most important quality is smooth run in a copying machine / printer and good dimensional stability. It must not show curling or cockling, nor may it retain dust.

Digital printing paper[edit]

Digital printing paper is also called electronic printing paper. The basis weight is 40-400 g/m².[citation needed] This paper quality may be either coated or uncoated. The demands of the paper may vary substantially depending on printing method: electrical charge, thermal, magnetic or ink-jet. All require good dimensional stability, no curling or cockling, good surface strength and surface smoothness. For ink-jet paper it is also important with sufficient and uniform porosity to counteract spreading of the ink.

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