Spiral (Arne Bendiksen song)

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Norway "Spiral"
Spiral (Arne Bendiksen song).jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 1964 entry
Egil Hagen
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Entry chronology
◄ "Solvherv" (1963)   
"Karusell" (1965) ►

"Spiral" was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1964, performed in Norwegian by Arne Bendiksen.[1] This was the first occasion on which Norway had been represented by a male vocalist.

The song deals with Bendiksen's feelings of goodwill toward the world. He expresses these feelings through a series of largely unconnected descriptions of what he is doing while "my thoughts spiral". He makes reference to the fact that his thoughts are scattered, but dismisses the importance of this realisation as it spoils his happiness.

The song was performed third on the night, following the Netherlands' Anneke Grönloh with "Jij bent mijn leven" and preceding Denmark's Bjørn Tidmand with "Sangen om dig". At the close of voting, it had received 6 points, placing 8th in a field of 16.

It was succeeded as Norwegian representative at the 1965 Contest by Kirsti Sparboe with "Karusell".


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