Splanchnonema platani

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Splanchnonema platani
Scientific classification
S. platani
Binomial name
Splanchnonema platani
M.E. Barr [1982] [1]

Massaria platani Ces. (1861)

Splanchnonema platani is a fungus in the genus Splanchnonema. It was formerly known under the name Massaria platani.[2] The anamorph of the fungus is known as Macrodiplodiopsis desmazieresii. The fungus has caused serious damage to plane trees across Europe.

Massaria disease[edit]

The disease, commonly known as Massaria disease, infects branches of plane trees.[3] The fungus has usually been considered to be a weak parasite causing only minor damage such as twig dieback in warmer Mediterranean climates.[2] However, in the 21st century it has been found associated with branch death and rapid decay within other parts of Europe, most notably Germany and Austria, the Netherlands, and parts of France.[2] Damage caused by this fungus has been reported in the southern United States.[2] The first formal identification of the disease in the United Kingdom came in March 2011.[3]

The disease seems to be specific to the London plane, the Oriental plane and the Occidental plane.[3] The disease causes large lesions on the upper sides of branches associated with branch drop.[2]


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