Stadion am Gesundbrunnen

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Stadion am Gesundbrunnen
One of the last pics of the Stadion (in the Background), 1974
Full nameStadion am Gesundbrunnen
Former namesHertha-BSC Field
LocationBerlin, Germany
OwnerHertha BSC
OperatorHertha BSC
Hertha BSC

Stadion am Gesundbrunnen was a multi-use stadium in the Gesundbrunnen locality of Berlin, Germany. It was initially used as the stadium of Hertha BSC matches. During the 1936 Summer Olympics, it hosted some of the football matches. It was replaced by the current Olympic Stadium when Hertha joined the Bundesliga in 1963. In 1974, Hertha sold the ground to avoid bankruptcy. The capacity of the stadium was 35,239 spectators.


Coordinates: 52°33′00″N 13°23′36″E / 52.54998°N 13.39334°E / 52.54998; 13.39334