Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

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Star Wars: Lords of the Sith
Star Wars Lords of the Sith (2015).jpg
AuthorPaul S. Kemp
Cover artistAaron McBride
CountryUnited States
SeriesStar Wars
GenreScience fiction
PublisherDel Rey Books
Publication date
April 28, 2015
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Pages320 (First edition, hardcover)
ISBN978-0-345-51144-7 (First edition, hardcover)

Star Wars: Lords of the Sith is a Star Wars novel by Paul S. Kemp, published in April 2015. Set between the film Revenge of the Sith and the novel Star Wars: Tarkin, it features Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine facing off against revolutionaries. Lords of the Sith was one of the first four novels published in the franchise after Lucasfilm redefined Star Wars continuity in April 2014.


In Lords of the Sith, Vader and Palpatine find themselves hunted by revolutionaries on the Twi'lek planet Ryloth.[1][2]


With the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company, most of the licensed Star Wars novels and comics produced since the originating 1977 film Star Wars were rebranded as Star Wars Legends and declared non-canon to the franchise in April 2014.[3][4][5] Lords of the Sith was subsequently announced as one of the first four canon novels to be released in 2014 and 2015.[5]


Lords of the Sith introduces Moff Delian Mors, a lesbian whom New York Daily News noted is the first openly gay character in the new Star Wars canon.[1][6][7]


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